Thursday, August 22, 2013

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I have tested a few things from this plae so far and had 2 payouts.
I really enjoy taking surveys here and testing the products. Pay out is a BONUS in my opinion.

First off I want to make you aware that I paid for this box with my own cash!
I was so excited when I received a e-mail from Goodies telling me they had a Kids Box for the same price as the box I subscribe to. I jumped right on board with no hesitation, not for 1 box but 2 boxes each month.
The box is a fantastic value @ $7.00 a month with FREE S&H!
The box is so cute & the kids can have a added bonus by coloring the pictures on the box as well as writing their name on the box. Crayons are NOT included, but would be terrific to safely add a pkg of 4 crayons in the box.
I got these for my 2 nieces that come to my house for the weekends & they love checking the mail & they know I get free samples and food boxes in the mail all the time & get so excited. So these were perfect to get for both of them (5 & 4 yrs old).
They were not at my house when these arrived so here is what I did to make them happy without them realizing I was playing "Delivery Person". I took and set them by the front door (this is where mine is always left) before they woke up that morning, then we waited on mailman to go buy later that day, we went outside to check the mail & when we opened the door the girls did not even notice the boxes till we were walking back up from the mailbox. They got so excited and ran to the front door, they each grabbed a box, ran inside and said "Can we open these?". Of course I looked at the label & said these are for you guys & that was all they wrote & they tore into them as if it was Christmas Day. They were so happy and excited & I was glad I had looked inside of them to get a picture before they got delivered to the girls.
Here is what was in the box
(1) Sweet Cinnamon Laced Hawaiian Animal Cookies
(2) Cheezy Crisps
(3) Double Chocolate Cookies
(3) Mott's Medley's Assorted Fruit Snacks
(4) Tangy Zangy Twisties
(5) BareFruit Apple Chips
(6) Vanilla Mikshake Straws
As a Aunt, I had to have some control & the girls are allowed to choose 2 snacks a day, 1 for the afternoon and 1 about 1 hour before bedtime. This works really well & for the most part, all the snacks are really fun & healthy for them.
(1) Animal Cookies are always a HUGE hit with children & went off with a bang. The flavor was exceptional and much different then the traditional flavor animal cracker/cookie. I think the flavors were a real nice treat and married really well together leaving you wanting more. Looking to buy ore of these very soon because the girls are asking for them, however I can not find them in the stores here.
(2) Cheezy Crisps were very light and packed full of cheese flavoring. I will be buying these to have on hand and put into a baggie when we go to the zoo.
(3) Fruit Snacks are something that I always have on hand but we have never tried the Mott's brand till now & we will be switching to this brand from here on out. The taste is really good with the fruits & vegy blend that they have packed into these delicious treats.
(4) TangyZangy Twisties are not something the girls are up for just yet at this age because they did not like the tartness of these. We will just toss these because none of us in the house eat them. I did try them but like I said, this is something that I do not eat.
(5) BareFruit Apple Chips were out of this world DELICIOUS & I think the most favorite item in the box for me & the girls. These are packed with Apple flavoring, 100% all natural and are just something you want to savor when you eat. We already went to Publix and got more & this is how much they were loved in my house.
(5) Vanilla Milkshake Straws that the girls ask me for a "Cow Straw" when they want a Milkshake for a treat. I love it when they say "Cow Straw", it makes me laugh so hard. As you can already guess, these are another HUGE HIT in my house and to be honest, with me too.
You simply add these to a glass of milk and watch the magic beads do the work for you & walla you have a milkshake. Again this is another thing that we had to buy on our trip to Wal-Mart.
(See the doggie in the background?)
Hehehehe! Guess he wanted to say he enjoyed this box too :-)
I hope that you have enjoyed this Review & will love as much as we do at our house.
Value for this box (My Estimate) is $11.00 plus the additional activity for the kids to color the box
(crayons not provided, but should be as a bonus).
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