Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dial Deep Cleaning Hand Soap

Dial Deep Cleaning
Hand Soap

I received this for #free from PurexInsiders & Dial

I could see the moment I picked these up, they had some sort of crystals in them & this was intriguing to me. I also loved the shape of the bottles and the design of the pump.

Now comes the fun part that I enjoy the most
"Testing & Sharing".

Water Blossoms
I expected this to have a clean scent, smooth texture just like the regular Dial does & not have to use a lot to get my hands clean.

I got this wonderful smell that took me to a ocean like smell that was very wonderful. I got a feeling of a sugar scrub on my face feel to my hands & that was unexpected but welcomed. I had to use a small amount to get my hands cleaned as expected from Dial.

Coconut Lime Verbena

I expected this to have a more "Lime Scent" due to the color, smooth texture like the regular Dial does & not have to use a lot to get my hands clean.

I got a lime smell with no coconut present to my sniffer. I got the feeling of a sugar scrub on my face feel to my hands that was unexpected but welcomed. I had to use a small amount to get my hands cleaned as expected from Dial.

I did not get the "Yellow Raspberry" & I am very curious to try this one out even though I expect the same results. I am more curious about the smell of it.

I really love how clean these make my hands feel, but they also dry my hands out & I do not like that part of it.

I would recommend that everyone try these because they are a one of a kind hand soap & everyone needs to experience these.

Thank You PurexInsiders  & Dial for this wonderful experience to something that is truly one of a kind.

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Mrs Meyer*s Cleaner/Soap

Mrs Meyer*s 

I received this from Moms Meet & Mrs Meyer*s for #free #momsmeet

I was so happy to have been chosen for this product because it is one I have been wanting to try but I have been hesitant because I did not think it would work as well as cleaners like 409, Lysol, Clorox etc. 

Here is what I got in my package for my group to share and have our own opinions on the product. I have to say that it was a lot of fun testing with not just a group of Mom's but friends.

This was a really nice package to share with 7 of my Mom friends that showed up to test these products out. I was very pleased with the amount I was able to not just test but send home with everyone along with extras for them to share with a friend.
It is all about getting the word out & this was a great opportunity for that.

Let me show you some information about the products(pictures) before we get into the review.

Let me show you a list of scents these come in

Review Time

I had already formed the opinion a while back when shopping at Publix, I did not think this would or could work as good as my normal cleaners. I wanted something that worked and worked as well as my normal cleaners. I also have been looking for something that is 100% safe for my family. This is so hard to decide what is right and what is not because of the overwhelming cleaners on the market today. I also think of it as, many companies "promise" a cleaner will do something, yet it fails to live up to it's promise.

I used Mrs Meyer*s Counter-top Spray against 409 at the gathering I had, I wanted everyone to see the results of the previous nights spaghetti mess on the counter.
 Although 409 removed it much faster and with little effort, we all got the chemical smell from 409 that can be harsh on anyone's health, especially little ones.

Mrs Meyer*s DID remove the spaghetti as well but we had to let it sit for 1-2 minutes more, I did not have to use any effort to remove it, this smelled simply amazing & was not harsh on anyone. In fact we all bent down to smell the counter because it smelled so delicious. We were hooked from this point on.

Mrs Meyer*s on the glass stove top did a better job then 409 & actually left it extremely shiny and fresher then any other cleaner, not just 409.

Clean & smells extremely good

Let's get to the dishes using Mrs Meyer*s Dish Soap

I always use Dawn because nothing compares to what it does to my dishes, however it always leaves my hands dry. I have used several dish soaps and Dawn has always been the one that done what it was suppose to. So how well did Mrs Meyer*s hold up against the best of the best?

As I demonstrated, I used 2 hard stuck on food casserole dish's  that had been sitting for 2 days and some simple dishes like silverware, glasses & easy to clean dinner plates from previous nights dinner.
Dawn was cutting through the grease much faster then Mrs Meyer*s but did not smell as good as Mrs Meyer*s did. After 15 minutes, I was able to get the Dawn casserole dish clean with little effort, but the Mrs Meyer*s was not cutting grease as fast, although it does say that it "Cuts Grease". I left that casserole dish set for 30 minutes and was able to get it just as clean as Dawn with no effort. Yes it does work well but takes a little more time to cut through the grease, but also leaves you with a wonderful smell and I swear that our hands were softer after using this product compared to Dawn.

Here is some pictures to show you how well the Dish Soap suds up when washing dishes and using only a small amount.

Here is a picture of some samples of Dish Soap that I used during my demonstration

Here is a image of the hand soap and how thick it is in my hand, I just wish you could all smell how wonderful it smells and how soft it leaves your hands after using it. I also want to say that I can still smell it on my hands a few hours later after using it.

Now I have to let everyone know that 5 of my guest's have switched over to Mrs Meyer*s & I also have gone through and tossed out all my chemical cleaners except Clorox. I went to Publix and purchased Mrs Meyer*s and I will never switch back again.


*Lemon Verbena



Costs for products are very affordable & starting at $3.99

I now want to try the laundry soap & also would love to see some products like Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash/Dishwasher Pods/Deodorant/Window Cleaner.
Although I am sure I have more suggestions, this is what my mind can think of at the moment. 

I simply have not had such a pleasant experience with a testing in such a long time as this one was, not just for me, but other guests as well. I can not wait for the next testing to come my way to share with everyone. 

Thanks Moms Meet & Mrs Meyer*s for this wonderful experience!

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Friday, March 21, 2014

SquareTrade Warranty *Promo Codes*

SquareTrade Warranty 

I have been using SquareTrade for 2 years now on anything I buy that they will cover. Here is a little of what they do & how it works.

(1)Repair cost is on them
(2) They provide you with a shipping box/label prepaid (no cost to you)
(3) They cover many things from household appliances, laptops, iPods, DVD Players, cell phones & more.
(4) If they fail to repair something within 5 days, you will get a full refund for the amount you paid on the warranty, but still keep the same warranty till it expires.
(5) If they can not fix your item, they will issue you the full cost you paid for the item via CC/Check/Paypal.
(6) They offer 2+ years for coverage, just depends how long you want to cover something
(7) Drops & Spills covered (make sure you get this).

Things you MUST DO

Submit the recite for your product that you just purchased within 30 days!!!!

Simple as that & this is the BEST place to get a warranty on anything they cover. I have had a payout on 1 laptop & 1 warranty cost. They even shipped back my hard drive from my laptop that they could not fix. No cost to me at all.

I made this posting to share "Promo Codes" for you to try SquareTrade for 30% off

Keep checking back for updated codes & please by all means, if a code fails, just write a message with the code & I will cross it off so others know.




















Monday, March 17, 2014

Go Daddy--Accounting Software

I received a entire year of this software for FREE from

I always struggle with taxes every year because I have a job that involves a ton of documentation from Mileage, Hotel cost, Laundry cost, Food cost & much more. 
Saving all the recites, entering in all the mileage and other costs is very time consuming even with the right software. I have to have no distractions, a quiet home & lots of space to spread out all the paperwork/recites.  This does not always come easy in my household, so it makes it difficult yearly.

When I got the offer from BzzAgent to take part in this, I was right on board & hoping it would help simplify my life when it comes to getting taxes done & since this is tax season and my taxes are already done, this gives me a wonderful start for next year. Only being a few months into 2014, I have the time to enter in all documentation now & not get to far behind the eight ball.

GoDaddy allows me to enter in Invoices, expenses & much more. It is simple and easy to use & if you have any problems, help is a click away & they also have a tutorial up to help you along the way.

I love that I can easily E-mail or print out any information I need, Nightly updates from Bank Account, Mileage Tracking, Upload Spreadsheets, Online Bookkeeping & lots more wonderful features to take full advantage of.

It is a clean, easy to navigate & a lifesaver when it comes to getting all the information into the system for tax season.

Does this sound like something you need? Here is a discount that BzzAgent & GoDaddy want to offer to all my readers. 20% off for all of you.
Enter code  BzBook

Thank You BzzAgent & GoDaddy for this wonderful experience & opportunity

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Viva Vantage Paper Towels

Viva Vantage

I purchased Viva Vantage from Publix Supermarket after seeing all the talk about these being "Stretchy" & Publix had a sale on them for $6.99 plus I had a $1.00 off coupon making them $5.99 + tax.

However, I also got chosen from #TeamVivaVantage on #crowdtap to also test these. Below is images of both store pictures & also my #crowdtap & #TeamVivaVantage pictures.

These were located right next to my normal brand that I buy
"Bounty", but decided to try the NEW Viva Vantage and they were very cheap before the coupon.  I use to buy Viva because they were always very absorbent and soft to touch of the face & my family loved that. However budget first and that is why I changed over to Bounty.

The packaging looked very appealing, price was affordable & words like "Stretch", "Softness" & "Scrubbing Power" got my attention.

I always look for "NEW" products when shopping & most the time I have a coupon in my binder.

"Choose A Size" is always a HUGE advantage in my household for a big mess, small mess or just a small one for wiping my face or hands with. I love that Viva brought "Pick A Size" to the Viva Vantage because it will save money since I will not always have to have a large piece of paper towel for every little thing that I need one for.

Here is what was in my package from #crowdtappers & #TeamVivaVantage

More roll for your money is a BIG plus in my book.

Here is a single sheet that is ideal for a small mess or a messy face after some yummy Hot Wings. You have got to love the Pick A Size idea because it does save from wasting a large sheet on a small mess & in the end it saves on the pocket book.
I really do not feel the softness that Viva has with the originol rolls of paper towels have. When I think of softness, Viva always comes to mind, but this just failed in that area. 

Nice display before sale

Lets talk about the stretch part of the paper towel.
Although I think it is a little stretchy, I expected something a little better then this offered. I barley put any effort into stretching a wet Viva Vantage paper towel before it rips. 
My idea of stretch would be something that required a little more of a harder tug before a wet paper towel ripped. I will show you a video on this as well.

Adsorbing liquid is something that is a must have in my household because we always have spills that need to be cleaned up. Viva Vantage did very well with this test & again I have a video that will show this. It did leave a little bit of water behind, but for the most part, I am impressed at how well it did.

Scrubbing a greasy pan using Viva Vantage was shockingly good. I had no problems with the paper towel tearing or not absorbing the grease from the pan. Very impressed with this part of the test.

Here is the videos that shows how Viva Vantage worked for me on simple tests.

I hope that you have enjoyed my review & I would love to hear your thoughts on Viva Vantage if you have also tried them.

Thank You Crowdtap & Viva Vantage for this Sample Share that I was happy to be chosen for.

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