Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care
I received this sample kit from Crowdtap & was honored to test this product out.
I sadly have to admit, I usually do not use flushable cleaning cloths all the time, but sometimes bathroom habits just call for them. I then seen this video and it made a lot of sense & changed my mind, I hope it changes your mind too.
I have talked to a 2 people and also showed them this video, talked about bathroom habits (Not easy to get personal regardless how close you are to the person) & then shared the sample & share kits & asked for feedback in return.

Now with these Sample & Share Kits, they also got a coupon for $3.00 off when they bought Cottonelle Toilet Paper & Flushable Wipes together. My friends appreciated the coupons a lot.
((Friend 1)) I do not ever use flushable cleaning cloths, I use toilet paper knowing my behind is clean, however the video changed my mind & I was honestly disgusted with myself. I tried the toilet paper and then afterword's used the flushable cleaning cloths & was amazed at what was not cleaned & then I was disgusted again thinking about all the time I never used flushable cleaning cloths. Thank You for opening my eyes to my disgusting bathroom habits.
((Friend 2)) I saw the video and was amazed at the creativity but agreed with it & I do use flushable cleaning cloths during my bathroom habits but they are cheap Wal-Mart brand, nothing name brand. They are thin and not very comfortable, so I was happy to have been picked by you to test these out. I can not believe that it honestly felt like I was wiping my bum with a piece of satin. I went right out and bought these the next day. Thanks for looking out for my bum friend!
My Kit Looked Like This

I have to agree with both friends for these reasons alone
(1) I usually do not use a lot of wipes bcause I used Toilet Paper, my bum is clean right? WRONG
(2) Silk on my bum is Ohhhhh so soft & cleaned very well & never split on me like some cheap ones do.
(3) Love the convenient container that the wipes come in & do not have to be embarrassed with displaying this out in the open in the bathroom.
(4) Great Quality
I truly enjoyed this Testing Phase & can not wait for the next one.
I hope you have enjoyed My Review & are thinking twice about your bathroom habits.



Friday, October 11, 2013

Jumping Ship...Sprint Vrs Verizon & AT&T

Jumping Ship
Today I am going to talk about Sprint Vrs Verizon (The Big Red) or AT&T
I do a lot of traveling throughout the year with my husband & we get into so many destinations that like Needles California on I-40, Seligman, Az I-40,Boise Id & many more states where we have roaming or no single & are unable to use our phones at all regardless if it says roaming or not.
We have 3 lines of service, all smart phones 2 different plans & I will get into details on this further down the line. We are so sick of being without service and paying for services we can not even fully use. We even got a letter from Sprint a few months ago telling us they were going to disconnect 2 lines of our service if we continued to Roam Excessively and use Data when Roaming even though Roaming was in our plan.  We will only receive 2 more letters and then that is it, they cancel our lines.....NOTHING WE CAN DO!
We have been with Sprint for 5 years now and this has not ever been a problem except the last 2 1/2 yrs. when we started traveling a lot & we have been dealing with it, but when we receive a letter in the mail like that and continuously battling having a phone to even use, we are just at wits end with them & have been doing a lot of research with Verizon and AT&T to see covrage map comparison, pricing compared to what we pay now, minutes, texting & the biggest one for us traveling....Data Cost.
After much comparison and many bloggers (Thank You), JD Power, Google & Droid Forums & many more sources, we have decided not only is Verizon going to be the way to go, we will be saving about $40 a month on the plan we are getting compared to what we pay with Sprint for crappy coverage & empty promises of more towers resulting in better coverage.
Verizon was cheaper and does not charge customers extra fees like Sprint & AT&T do, bottom line is Big Red has won 3 JD Power Awards in the last 3 years & that is IMPRESIVE. We have Fios TV & Internet and home with them for the past 1 1/2 yrs. & NEVER had any problems, this should be a fantastic indication to their services.
Now let's get to the specifics shall we?
My Husband's Line & The reason for this plan is, NO LIMIT on Data Roaming or Roaming
meaning, we would never get a letter in the mail again. However, Verizon is only $40 per line for this same plan, minus the Unlimited Data + 8.00 Phone Insurance (Verizon is $10.00)
*NOTICE* we pay additional $10 Data add on even though we have UNLIMITED data, but Sprint claims it is for better Data Service on Smart Phones. I call B.S on this!
This one is my line & for the same reason that this is the ONLY plan that we will be ok when Data Roaming & Roaming with no chance of getting another letter. This is the price we have to pay for not having our service terminated. We were on the Unlimited My Way and it was cheaper till we got the letter. Again $10 extra Data charge plus $8.00 Phone Insurance.
This one is Unlimited My Way with Unlimited Talk & Text for $50.00 where Verizon is only $40 for same exact thing. Also we have the $30 Unlimited Data Plan on this & Verizon does not offer the Unlimited. This plan works for my Mother N Law because she is not leaving the state and will never be in roaming where we would have to worry about her line getting canceled.
Sprint charges $4.99 for spending limit cap of $400.00 a month & I think this is ridiculous to have to pay this extra amount monthly. Also since we live in Florida, we have 1 of the highest taxes to pay at almost 23% a month....OUCH I KNOW.......Price you have to pay to live in the nice Sunshine State.
Taxes are $55.30  a month & no way to get around this unless we change the prefix to another state that has lower taxes, but the problem is that my mother n law has a lot of family in Florida that only has land line phones, so when they call her, it is local for them & they would not be able to call her if she had a long distance number.
Myself I think drop landline and go mobile but were talking about elderly family members that are set in their ways & we all know, you will never get around that.

After Taxes & all the phone charges, this is what we are paying on our bill with Sprint because of the plans we have to have. TRUST ME, Sprint has no other plan that offers truly UNLIMITED Roaming & Data Roaming without that small print that says X amount of Roaming Data allowed & 800 anytime minutes of Roaming allowed each month
"While on Sprints Network" seems to be Sprints motto.
I have had Sprint call me & try to get me to save $60 a month by putting all my phones onto a family plan & they say we can roam and never get charged. DUH we will never get charged BUT Sprint sure as heck will TERMINATE our lines. We know, we just got proof in the mail a few months ago. I truly get angry with un-educated Sprint workers that deal with this everyday & yet do not know how the plans work.

I wish Sprint would stop telling people all these EMPTY PROMISES of more towers, more 4G coverage etc. etc. etc. year after year & at the end of the year, we are left standing with a empty line of service that is unusable when traveling.
These are the phones we will all be getting, Samsung Galaxy S4's
$10 per line for Insurance (Sprint was $8.00 per line)
$40.00 per line for Unlimited Talk & Text....NO DATA (Sprint has unlimited included on 1 plan and already included in price on 2 lines).

16GB Data for $130.00 a month (Again Sprint was unlimited on 2 lines & $30 unlimited n 3rd line). I went to Sprint's website and calculated each of the past 3 months of data usage on each line with that calculation was Data 3G, 4G, 3G Roaming and it was only 10-12GB a month, so I called Sprint to see if they would calculate this for me too & they came out with the same numbers (I did not tell them I had figured it out on my own). Now mind you that I got service half the time and could have used more data if the service was available, so I am adding extra just incase. Data overage is only $10 a gig, but Verizon has a feature that can alert you from this happening so you can change it if needed. After talking to Verizon, they think I will only use 2GB a month & according to the Data Calculator it said 5-8GB so I am playing this safe and do a 2 month test run to see if I am going to be able to save even more money and lower the data plan.
I only use the internet on laptop & Verizon has teathering included (Sprint charges $$'s for this service). I use the internet for checking e-mail for business/personal and that is about 150-200 a day, I am visiting tons of websites a day at about 200-300, shopping online & paying bills, FB, Twitter, Pinterest, 1-2 Youtube short 5 minute videos a day & sharing maybe 150 photos a month. We do not stream or download music because we can do that when we are on our home network wireless so it will not use any phone data. Same way with Sprint, we never did any of this because we always do it at home and do not have the time on the road traveling and most hotels offer free WIFI as well.

I know most people are going to say I am crazy for loosing unlimited data with Sprint, however I know what I am using and why the heck pay money for something  I can not use half the time, when I can jump ship, get better service that I can actually use. I am only gaining and not loosing in my opinion.

Here is the summary of what the monthly bill will be BEFORE taxes & the taxes will be the same as Sprints so I know that will be $55.30 added on. Note the Total Due Today is for our phones we will be buying & I may end up saving $100 because my Mother N Law wants the S3 and that is only $1oo, hubby is sticking with S4 & I am going to get Note 2 instead and that will be same price as S4.
The monthly bill cost is at $280.00 plus $55.30 taxes will put us at $335.30 saving us $38.97 almost $40 bucks a month and getting same service we do now & I know some will say, but you do not have same service because of Data Cap, but we will because of the amount of Data we use with Sprint plus the little extra I gave myself for the times I have no service and could have been using it. So end result is saving us money, better service, no roaming charges or cutting our service when and if we ever roam excessively, FREE Tethering with the plan (Sprint would have charged but I found a App that worked great and used data on phone... PDANet+).

PLUS REMEMBER...... I may not even use this much Data and may be able to save more money once I do a full 2 month review of my Data usage, so I am excited to see how much more I could save or if I will have to add more and end up breaking even with what I was paying with Sprint, but still ending up with much better coverage.
P.S.  Did I forget that we also will end up with New Phones

**UPDATE** DEC-29th-2013
I am VERY HAPPY with Verizon after having them about 3 months now. We have hardly lost signal at all in many places we had NO SERVICE with Sprint. When & if we do loose service, it is for 1-2 minutes & we are 90% of the time in 4G Coverage. My husband & I are paying about $330 a month and it is still saving us around $60 a month with much better service and internet. I can not tell you how Happy this switch has made us. Dropped calls are no more, Roaming...What is that?, 4G Really Fast, Reliable coverage & Saving $$'s each month.

I hope you have enjoyed this review & please feel free to leave me a comment

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Slimsoft VoxBox--Colgate Total

I received this wonderful product from

Slimsoft VoxBox
I was really curious on exactly if Colgate would work compared to Crest Complete that I normally use, so when this opportunity became available, I was very happy to give this a try.
Here is what I got
I was very pleased with the size of the products that were sent to me & they lasted me 1 week, perfect for a good amount of time to test them all out.

The toothbrush was really flimsy and lightweight making it feel a bit cheap and breakable & I did not like that part about the toothbrush. I received soft bristles but would have preferred hard.


The mouthwash left my mouth feeling incredibly fresh and germ free with no burning, thanks to this being alcohol free & this is normally something I look for in a mouthwash.
The end result left my mouth feeling cleaner then my usual brand "Crest Complete" but I feel because of the soft bristles on the tooth brush, my teeth are not as clean as I would have liked them. However if I had hard bristles, I feel this would have been much better results.
I would recommend this product to anyone!

Please check out ...........