Thursday, May 30, 2013

FAGE Total Greek Yogurt

FAGE Total Greek Yogurt
I received FAGE Total for FREE from my Campaign with BzzAgent
I have tried Greek Yogurts before from different companies and I did not
like any of them & when I seen this campaign I wanted to try one last time and see if it was just other brands that I tried that was not good to my taste buds.
I got my bowl, FAGE Total, Smuckers Strawberry Preserves and a couple of spoons. I am ready to check this out for the first time & with my fingers crossed I was hoping it was going to be good.
First thing, I tried this by itself and it was not intolerable but not something I could stand to eat plain so this is where the Strawberry Preserves comes into play. 
This is a very creamy healthy desert that you can add anything to it and make it your own or just eat this plain if you like it that way. 

Mixing this all together with fingers crossed for a deliciously creamy desert that is also healthy.
This was very delicious & I was surprised at how good this was with added flavor & I thought I would step it up a notch and added some of this to Mashed Potatoes and also added this to Potato Salad in place of half the Mayo and it all worked out very well and tasted so good.
Has live active cultures that remain in till expiration date, Health benefits,  Recipes are endless with the use of FAGE Total (substitute mayo, oil + more), Good source of calcium & proteins, does not separate over heat, cost around $4.99 at Publix (Florida) + lots more.
Wishing You All Happy Endings With FAGE Total!


Pennington Smart Feeder

"Flowers & Blooms' is the feed that I got.
I received this for FREE from BzzAgent as part of a campaign & I am so Happy that I was chosen to participate in this campaign.
I have never used anything like this and have a Tree in my yard that blooms beautiful Pink Flowers every year & they do not last long but enjoyable when it is blooming. It did not look to be very healthy and thought it could use some help, So I decided this was the perfect chance to try Pennington Smart Feeder out on it & I am very Happy that I did.
This was my tree before using Pennington Smart Feeder & you can see few flowers and how the tree looks very unhealthy.
I loved the Pennington Smart Feeder because it was so simple to use & already came with food inside the feeder. Is all I had to do is simply attach the feeder to the hose, put it on one of the several spray settings that it offers. I like the Shower Setting because it was a nice even flow of water and seemed to do the best job.
I really like the way it operates" when in use, it reminds me a windmill making that swooshing noise and yet looked like a tornado on the inside of the canister when in motion.
I did not like that the food inside the canister only lasted 2-3 minutes to be able to spray my tree down from top to bottom and side to side. I would have expected this to last at least 5-7 minutes to allow more even of a spray rather then making me feel rushed when spraying my tree down.
I realize that many of you may think that 2-3 minutes is not bad, but trust me, it is very short and goes by faster then one might think it would.
The best part is No Mixing, No Measuring & No Mess!
All together this is something I think has proved to be very valuable and does work rather well and I can clearly see the difference it has made in the health of my tree after a few weeks of just 1 dose of food (1 canister full of food). I would buy this and would also highly recommend it to anyone to buy this and see the difference yourself. I am going to buy the food for Tomato & Vegetable & use 1 of the $4.00 off coupons that I was provided with in my campaign box. How cool is that? The other extra coupons, I have provided some of my friends with so they too can try this awesome feeder out on their yards too. Sharing is the Greatest Feeling in the entire world.
Here is what my tree looks like now so you can clearly see how much healthier it is doing. I know it will take a few more treatments to get it to full blown Healthy, but I am very happy & shocked that it is actually working this well within 2 weeks time of the first treatment.

Home Depot (My location in Florida) has the unit with 2 tablets of food included already for
$12.98 before taxes
Home Depot (My Location in Florida) 4pk Tomato & Vegetable Feed( 2 feedings) costs
$9.98 before taxes
Sadly I was not able to get a video of this in action due to phone issues at this time (yes this is the only video camera I own), However if you go to Pennington Smart Feeder you can see the video of this in action & also YouTube has some videos of people using this too. Just type in "Pennington Smart Feeder".


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Goodies Box---MAY 2013

May 2013 Goodies Box

I paid for this with my own cash & was not supplied with this by Goodies.
Well this is the very first box I have ordered for any subscription box found on the Internet these days (many choices & prices). I chose because it was simply the cheapest @ $7.00 a month with FREE S&H. This was a Winner in my book & thought for the price, what the heck, why not give this a try and see what the fuss is all about.
When I came home and seen this sitting on my doorstep, I honestly felt like a kid at Christmas Time and could not wait to see what I got inside this heavy box. I think it must have weighed 5lbs so this had to be good right?
It was a very nice quality box that opened very nice and was very clear whom it was from. You can easily save these boxes for Christmas since it is coming up & I know I am always looking for that perfect box for clothing & this is the box (Double Bonus).

What was in this box was not something that really wowed me but did not make me want to cancel this subscription either. It is well worth the cost even if some of the products I do not use, I can always find someone that will use them. In my opinion I can say this box value is probably around $20.00-$25.00 US $'s
INSIDE I FOUND (Images from Internet because Nieces got into box before I could get pictures)
Very Nice Quality Box that let's you know exactly whom the package is from
Pumpkin Seeds were just out of this world good & I gave the tea to my Mother-N-Law

 These chips were delicious paired with the Chipotle Sauce you will see below

My little nieces (4 & 5 yrs. of age) devoured these in 10 minutes time & said they were "Yummy" & this comes from very picky eaters & yes even when it comes to candy, they are picky eaters.
This was shockingly very delicious flavors combined with the chips and would make a great sauce over Steak or even chicken.
The olive oil was very tasty in a small batch of Mayo that I made with it and I have not made or used the Coconut Water for anything but am going to try this Recipe for it over the weekend.

This was just a added BONUS in my opinion & what a wonderful surprise/value to be added.
Freebie coupon, chip clip & coupon for the Tea (listed above).
I will say Goodies billed me on the 1st and I did not get my box till the middle of May 2013 so I am not sure what the hold up is on the shipping, but in my opinion, they should not bill till the box is shipped and faster shipping would be fantastic. I also love the fact that since Wal-Mart Stores does this box, you can find all these products at most all Wal-Mart locations & to me this is a HUGE PLUS since I am always shopping at Wal-Mart at least 2 times a week.
You have to enter in your e-mail and they will send you a code (might be 2 weeks before you get one). I did find this code that is suppose to get you the code right away, not sure if it works, but it is worth a try. " BLOGVIP " try it and see. Good Luck!
You can also cancel at any time and also pass on a monthly box up to 3 times, so in my opinion, this is the BEST BOX I have found yet.
I hope that you have enjoyed & found my review to be informative/useful.