Saturday, April 26, 2014

Silk Almondmilk

#GotItFree from BzzAgent
This review is my own opinion

I really expected a nasty tasting drink that I would spit right out into the sink. I was however pleasantly surprised with the silky, creamy & tasty flavors that came from this product.

I love that this is only 30 calories per serving, Money back promise, No artificial colors, Dairy Free, No High Fructose Corn Syrup & lots more beneficial benefits to drinking Silk Almondmilk. How can something this healthy taste so good?

I used this simply for drinking, pancakes, creamer in my coffee, pudding mixes, cereal, oatmeal, tea & other recipes. I still can not believe how good this tastes & one of the best parts is, no after taste. 

You can take any recipe that requires milk & easily substitute it with SILK and have no worries. You not only get a healthier recipe, it tastes better then milk. Substitutions are one of the simplest things we can do for our health these days. I take and replace vegetable oil with applesauce all the time & now I am adding SILK to my substitution list.

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Starbucks Veranda Blend Blonde

Veranda Blend

#GotItFree from BzzAgent
Opinions formed are my own

I love the light roasted coffees over the dark roasted & was excited to get in on this campaign & could not wait to try it.

I made a cup of coffee and was disappointed right away with the bland flavor it offered. The flavor had nothing special to it and was actually a little on the bitter side. 

 At this point, I could not stand to drink it & thought maybe it was just a bad K-cup. I grabbed another coffee cup, a new K-cup and brewed again with the same disappointing results. It is missing something that makes this different and delicious. 

At this point, I am going to try to doctor it up, so here comes the fun part. I put in a Hershey's chocolate caramel creamer, Publix half & half, So delicious Dairy Free cococcino coconut milk iced coffee latte, Torani classic caramel syrup & topped it with Publix whipped topping. This helped out a lot & did make it drinkable for me but not something I would drink again. 

This flavor was just not for me!

Thanks BzzAgent & Starbucks for this wonderful opportunity!


Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets

Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets
lavender blossom

I received my #free box from Purex Insiders
All opinions expressed here are my own

I was excited to check these dryer sheets out because I love Purex Crystals for the wash. Purex simply nailed the idea of coming up with dryer sheets.
When I opened up the box, I immediately smelled the wonderful lavender blossom smell & could not wait to start using them. So happens I had 5 loads of laundry to start my day off, making this a perfect "Test Day".

I just wish you all could smell how wonderful the lavender blossom comes through. It is like walking through a field of flowers blooming.
I put the box of dryer sheets in my laundry room, put a load of wash in using my Purex no sort for colors laundry soap & shut the door for an hour. When I returned to the laundry room, I opened the door & felt like I was in a field of blooming flowers. I seriously did not want to leave the laundry room & this is all coming from the un-opened box of Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets. 

30 days of long-lasting freshness & I think it will live up to this easily. Purex has made a lot of amazing products & I have yet to have one that failed to live up to what it claimed to do.

120 Fabric Softener sheets will last me about a month. This is a large amount & allows me to share a few sheets with some close family/friends. 
DIY Tip ** shove a dryer sheet in your air vents throughout your house to make it smell extra nice/ use these in dresser drawers & shove 1 under each seat in your vehicle to make it smell nice. **

Getting ready to dry all the clothes & see how they feel & smell after they are all dry.

Once the clothes were all dry, they were really soft & did smell really nice but was not as strong as the sheets before drying & I honestly do not see the smell lasting more then 2 weeks in my clothing. I am really disappointed in this & really thought they would have a stronger smell to them then what they do. These also reduced all static cling & since I do have animals, I had no pet hair on my clothes thanks to these dryer sheets.

I will still purchase these because they do smell good and made my clothes feel really soft & a faint lavender blossom smell. I also love these for the DIY tricks I told you about.

Now here is the other scent that is offered & I am going to purchase this one on my next trip to the store.
This one is called "Fresh Spring Waters". 


Thank You Purex Insiders for this wonderful opportunity!

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Purex No Sort for colors

Purex No Sort
for colors

I received this for #free from Purex Insiders

We have all done a load of whites and that one pesky piece of red clothing has snuck it's way into the wash without us noticing. We open up the washer and go to toss the whites in the dryer, but they are not white anymore, instead we have pink everything. 

Husbands everywhere wonder how can something as simple as laundry turn into them having to buy new socks, undies, t-shirts & more? Red happens to every washer in every household at least 1 time. 

Purex has done something about this & this will make laundry so much simpler & keep the accidents away for good. Life in the laundry room just got simple with "Purex no sort for colors".

Simply toss all your clothes into the wash, no sorting, no worries & no more pink clothes. Purex does advise that strongly colored fabrics or new clothes be washed separate at least 5 times before this will work for them. 

The bottle was a bit tricky to open & I have to believe that it was for safety of shipping in order to prevent leaks. The white you see around the top is actually some sort of seal that had to be cut with a knife to open, however it was easy to do.

I could not wait to get a load of my darks, whites and colored clothes into the washer to try the laundry soap out.
Once the laundry was completed, I opened up the lid, they smelled really fresh, looked clean & the best part was, nothing bled onto the whites & I did have a few red items in with this load of laundry. I am very happy with the results & know that I never have to worry about mixing my clothes together again.

I think that Purex no sort for colors is going to change the way households do laundry forever!

Thanks Purex Insiders for this wonderful opportunity!

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Freshmatic Ultra

Freshmatic Ultra
Automatic Sprayer

I tested this product from Expo for #free

I was very excited to get this test product because I have a older Air Wick Freshmatic that still is actually working, however it is 2 years old and bulky.

With this unit, I also received Cinnabon for the unit & I was really excited about this smell & looking forward to my home smelling like it does when you walk into a business that sells Cinnabons.

Unit is very nice, sleek, lightweight, color is simple white that goes with anything, modern look & extremely quiet when it goes off. I love that it still has 3 fragrance settings, only takes 2 AA batteries & you can get a huge variety of fragrances at a place like Walmart/Publix/Target & I also shop for fragrances on Amazon for the hard to find seasonal ones. 

1 thing I do not like about the unit, it is very hard to open & I can see this being a big problem for many people. Once you do have it open, the batteries are easy to put in or replace, fragrance fits in real snug & it is easy to close.
You can only use Air Wick Fragrances in this unit

Fragrance was nothing like I had expected & I was blown away at the fragrance. It was very strong and over powering to me and my family. The cinnamon is the scent that comes through over powering & if you have any sort of sensitivity to smells or have a breathing problem, I would advise you to NOT purchase this scent. I actually gave this scent away & also Air Wick contacted my by E-mail after seeing my video on Expo. Air Wick scent me coupons to get another fragrance of my choice & I felt very respected about my opinion considering I paid nothing for this product as it was sent to me for #free as a test product. 

I now have a huge respect for Air Wick (Reckitt Benckiser)for caring enough to make things right when they did not have to do anything at all for me. 

Thank You Expo & Airwick for this wonderful opportunity!

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Veet Fast Acting Gel Cream Hair Remover

Fast Acting Gel Cream
Hair Remover

*I paid for this product myself*

I have used Nair in the past and it is suppose to be #1 but always seemed to be a BIG FAIL to me and my legs. Since Veet is becoming very popular & I have heard a lot of positive on this product, I thought for $5 at Walmart, I would go ahead and try it out for myself and see if it worked. 

I had very low expectations and already formed the opinion that it too would fail just like Nair. How could something like this actually work and work well enough to "WOW" me?

I removed the lid and smelled it and immediately thought about Nair because that is what it smelled like.  I knew from this point, it was not going to work but since I already have it in my hands and this is already bought and paid for, I may as well try it. Says to let sit for 5 minutes but no longer then 10 minutes.

So I actually let it sit for 7 minutes because it has been about 6 days since I shaved and the hair was getting a little long on my legs ( I know many of us our guilty of this). It smelled horribly bad, was easy to put on, easy to wash off hands after application & was very smooth feeling texture.

I started wiping off the Veet in a test are like it says on the back of the tube. You do not want to just wipe away and hope it is gone, so this is why it is important to test a small area to make sure.  When I used a warm wet washcloth to test a small area, I was completely shocked that this actually removed the hair, not just a little but fully removed it and left no stubble. Now I am left wondering if this is going to be like this all over, am I dreaming, is this product really working?

I started wiping and rinsing the washcloth with just plain water, no soap (just like it says in the directions). Hair was coming off and no stubble left at all. I am ecstatic that this is actually working and working extremely well at this point.

Once I have wiped off both my legs with the warm water using a washcloth, I felt my legs again in dis-belief that it actually really did work. It truly did work and from now on, this is going to be the product for me. 

This is so much easier then shaving, affordable, goes on smooth, does not require a lot of product and I think it will give me a good week without having to shave vrs every 3-4 days.

Thank You Veet for making a wonderful product that actually works!

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