Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dial Vitamin Boost Kiwi

Vitamin Boost

I got this from Purex Insiders for FREE in exchange for my review/giveaway 

First thing I noticed about this product was the nice color green, the image on the bottle was very nice, bright & appealing to a shoppers eye & it said 
"Lotion Infused Moisturizing Body Wash" .

If I had been shopping at the store & seen this bottle, I would have honestly reached for it, looked at the price, looked for a coupon in my binder & purchased it. However if I did not have a coupon, I would have waited on my purchase until I got a coupon.
(Just being honest)

I poured some out of the bottle with very little ease & noticed the soap was a little to thin and not thick and creamy as I would have expected for a body wash that was "Moisturizing". 
Here is what it looks like on a white paper towel so it would be clearly visible to see.

Now here is what it looks like in my hand.

As you can see, it is running off my fingers easily, not sticking to my dry hands.

Now here is how this looks when you ad water to the soap and rub it on hands/body

As you can see, it is not very sudsy & this may be a issue to some and to some it may not be. I actually like this because I do not like a lot of suds.

It does clean very well & better then I had expected due to how thin the body soap was. I did love the clean smell it had but did not really smell any Kiwi but rather just a clean mountain scent that I did not mind in the least. 
I do not feel as if it added any moisture to my skin compared to my body wash that I replaced this with for 1 week.

How does the Dial Body Wash compare to Tone Body Wash? 
Suds= Dial has far less suds, making this the winner
Moisture= Tone added more moisture to my skin making this the winner.
Texture= Tone has a better feel/texture to the body wash then Dial does making Tone the winner
Smell= Dial wins this hands down with the clean mountain scent that I get from it compared to Tone.
In the end, I like them equally in different ways as I described above.
I will buy Dial Body Wash in the near future & feel everyone should give this a try & please feel free to leave me a comment as I would love to hear from you.

Here is what you want to look for in the store next time you go shopping for Body Wash

Nice wide opening for the Body Wash to come out with no effort from you, making this easy to manage in the shower with wet slippery hands.

(2 winners)


Thank You Purex Insiders & Dial for this wonderful experience & allowing me to try 
a New Product.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

I received both cereals from BzzAgent & General Mills 

I was & am very honored to be a part of this BzzKit because who don't love cereal?, I love trying New Products & Giving my honest feedback , some good & not so good.
#ImaBzzAgent #sponsored

Lets start with "What Was In My BzzKit" ?

I love the packaging and get so excited when I see the Bee, I know it is my wonderful BzzKit & can not wait to tear into it, as if it is Christmas morning. I feel like a kid again!

Wonderful coupons that I handed out to Family/Friends to enjoy and give the products a try.

I use coupons often myself & love it when others give me coupons on products & find the extra savings helps and also allows me to try New Products sometimes. Do you use coupons? How much money has this saved your family monthly? Do you have a stockpile?
I love other couponers & respect what you do, it is a full time job & saves a ton of money.
Keep On Couponing!!!!!!
Fiber One Protein Maple Brown Sugar

(1) Crunch was amazing and perfect for what I like, however others in the household did not like the crunch due to teeth problems they face. I think we have all experienced teeth pain and it is not any fun & crunchy sometimes just makes it worse. 
(2) Flavor was really well put into the cereal creating a "Party Of Flavor" feel in your mouth.
(3) I love that Whole Grains is the first ingredient & is important to have in your diet.
(4) 10 grams of protein with milk is nice to have in a cereal
(5) If I was shopping in the store, the image on the box along with the coloring of the box would stand out and make me want to try it. 

(1) Artificial flavors
(2) A little too much sugar for my liking's 16g. I tend to go for the less sweeter cereals
(3) Not very filling compared to oatmeal that last me about 4 hrs and this last me about 1.5-2hrs before feeling hungry again.

   Fiber One Protein Cranberry Almond


(1) I love cranberry's in my salad so why not cereal right? It is a brilliant move on GM's part because it adds a nice texture to the cereal, resulting in a Happier Me/You.
(2) Flavors again for this one was like "A Party Of Flavor" in your mouth.
(3) Crunch was excellent for me but others in household have teeth issues and did not like the crunch.
(4) Image on box, if in a store, it would pop out at me & I would purchase it because the colors and the look of the cereal speak to me.
(5) Again Whole Grains is the first ingredient listed & this is a important for anyone's health.
(5) It was hands down, my favorite of the 2


(1) Artificial flavors
(2) A little too much sugar for my liking's 16g. I tend to go for the less sweeter cereals
(3) Not very filling compared to oatmeal that last me about 4 hrs and this last me about 1.5-2hrs before feeling hungry again.


Have you purchased anymore since testing? YES YES YES! I bought 2 boxes of Cranberry Almond since testing this.

How did you consume this product? in a bowl with milk, In a baggie as a snack for myself & my nieces, Put cearals on seperate cookie sheets & put in oven at 350 deg for 5 minutes & then drizzled both with Hershey's Spreads.

Future Recipe Uses? I am going to try Cranberry Almond mixture in a Raspberry Cheesecake Cookie & Maple Brown Sugar in muffins & breads.

Huge Thanks to     BzzAgent & General Mills     for allowing me to take part in this BzzKit & it was a very tasty one to be in. Yummilicious!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

GIVE-A-WAY.....Purex Bright Washes Bright Wishes Make-A-Wish

Bright Washes Bright Wishes

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In honor of Purex & Make A Wish, I am doing a Purex Give-A-Way right here on my blog.

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