Saturday, December 7, 2013

Influenster ---- Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford
I received this test product from Influenster for FREE to try it out and get my thoughts in this product. I received just the product & Information on it.
My first initial thought of this product was that this was a Celebrity Endorsed so this is not something I am fond of because the products actually never really work, however sometimes I am and have been pleasantly surprised by a product with a Celebrity Endorsement.  My second thought was, Is this going to compare to my Olay Total Effects that I have been using for years and has proven to work on my skin noticeably? Next thought was the cost, how much more is this going to cost me compared to my Olay Total Effects that I use right now?
Here is what I have discovered with my thoughts/concerns that I mentioned above.
Celebrity Endorsement really has made no impact on how this product works on my skin & this is one of those moments that I said, sometimes I get surprised by how well something actually worked that was Celebrity Endorsed.  I feel the texture to this compared to my current brand is thicker but not as creamy as Olay Total Effects like I am use to. To me, when I put it on my skin, it feels like the texture from a mousse foundation that I use (Almay Smart Shade). It goes on very evenly, small amount needed for 1 side of face. It feels like silk on my face and I honestly love it more & use less then my current brand.
Comparison to Olay Total Effects is a lot different and here is what I have noticed. Texture is not creamy like my current brand, it is thicker and feels more like a mousse foundation from Almay. Now when applying my current brand, it goes on very silky but also leaves behind a oily feel to my skin even after it dries. Meaningful Beauty goes on just like Almay Smart Shade Mousse leaving my face feel moisturized and beautiful. I have no oily after feel to my face when applying Meaningful Beauty, even after it dries.  It simply just feels clean and makes me look and feel beautiful.
Now lets talk about the size amount you get from Olay Total Effects VRS Meaningful Beauty.
I buy Olay Total effects 7 in 1 for $16 and I get 1.7 fl oz & I can get Meaningful Beauty for $33 and I get 30ml 1oz. So yes their is a loss some would think in the amount you get, however that 0.7oz loss is not really a loss because with Olay, you use more and you use less with the Meaningful Beauty. So you end up with the same amount, however the cost factor is more in the end. You are paying $17 more for Meaningful Beauty but in the end, you are getting better results then you do with Olay Total Effects.
My face has felt better the last 2 weeks that I have been using this instead of my Olay Total Effects has ever felt on my face. I have no oily residue left, I have received compliments saying my face looks younger & vibrant & also have been asked what I have done different to my face because it looked healthy. I am going to pony up and pay the extra few $'s and buy #MeaningfulBeauty for a better looking me.
I want to say a Huge Thanks to Meaningful Beauty & Influenster for such a wonderful experience and also introducing me to a new wonderful product that I have never tried before & in the process not only did I fall in love with it, so did my face.
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