Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Goodies Box---MAY 2013

May 2013 Goodies Box

I paid for this with my own cash & was not supplied with this by Goodies.
Well this is the very first box I have ordered for any subscription box found on the Internet these days (many choices & prices). I chose because it was simply the cheapest @ $7.00 a month with FREE S&H. This was a Winner in my book & thought for the price, what the heck, why not give this a try and see what the fuss is all about.
When I came home and seen this sitting on my doorstep, I honestly felt like a kid at Christmas Time and could not wait to see what I got inside this heavy box. I think it must have weighed 5lbs so this had to be good right?
It was a very nice quality box that opened very nice and was very clear whom it was from. You can easily save these boxes for Christmas since it is coming up & I know I am always looking for that perfect box for clothing & this is the box (Double Bonus).

What was in this box was not something that really wowed me but did not make me want to cancel this subscription either. It is well worth the cost even if some of the products I do not use, I can always find someone that will use them. In my opinion I can say this box value is probably around $20.00-$25.00 US $'s
INSIDE I FOUND (Images from Internet because Nieces got into box before I could get pictures)
Very Nice Quality Box that let's you know exactly whom the package is from
Pumpkin Seeds were just out of this world good & I gave the tea to my Mother-N-Law

 These chips were delicious paired with the Chipotle Sauce you will see below

My little nieces (4 & 5 yrs. of age) devoured these in 10 minutes time & said they were "Yummy" & this comes from very picky eaters & yes even when it comes to candy, they are picky eaters.
This was shockingly very delicious flavors combined with the chips and would make a great sauce over Steak or even chicken.
The olive oil was very tasty in a small batch of Mayo that I made with it and I have not made or used the Coconut Water for anything but am going to try this Recipe for it over the weekend.

This was just a added BONUS in my opinion & what a wonderful surprise/value to be added.
Freebie coupon, chip clip & coupon for the Tea (listed above).
I will say Goodies billed me on the 1st and I did not get my box till the middle of May 2013 so I am not sure what the hold up is on the shipping, but in my opinion, they should not bill till the box is shipped and faster shipping would be fantastic. I also love the fact that since Wal-Mart Stores does this box, you can find all these products at most all Wal-Mart locations & to me this is a HUGE PLUS since I am always shopping at Wal-Mart at least 2 times a week.
You have to enter in your e-mail and they will send you a code (might be 2 weeks before you get one). I did find this code that is suppose to get you the code right away, not sure if it works, but it is worth a try. " BLOGVIP " try it and see. Good Luck!
You can also cancel at any time and also pass on a monthly box up to 3 times, so in my opinion, this is the BEST BOX I have found yet.
I hope that you have enjoyed & found my review to be informative/useful.