Friday, June 21, 2013

Love With Food--June 2013

I did not receive this box for FREE......I paid with my own money for the box.
(1) I really liked the idea that when you order a box that it has a different theme every month
(2) Every box you order, a meal gets donated to a hungry child
(3) Shipping is very fast and arrives within 3 days after they send you a e-mail on the 10th of every month telling you it is shipping.
My Box Arrived in very god shape and can easily be re-used for something
(Saving mine for Christmas)
Wrapped up very pretty!
So far at this point, I really think the entire concept of this box is going to be very nice and I can not wait to get it unwrapped to see my goodies.
Coupons for Soy Joy & a $50 Gift Card for
Great Deal Right?
Not so much on the Gift Card because here is where they catch you.
$50 Credit when you spend $51
You MUST buy at least 6 bottles (Lowest cost bottle is $12.49 each)
You pay Shipping Charges on orders under $100.00
My order with 6 Bottles of the same wine ($12.49 each) Plus S&H Fee 
+ Taxes
I am not impressed at all by this gift card and will not use it, But at the same time
I consider this as a added bonus so in the end it does not affect the value of the box contents.
I know what you are thinking because I thought the same thing too
I still stand by this opinion with a plain one, however if you dip these into spinach dip, these are very delicious together and really compliment each other. Plain is not the way to go with these.
Value $2.50 (My personal opinion)
Plantain Chips I got excited to see these and to also be able to try them.
They were a very salty sweet combination and that always is good in my book.
I truly loved these chips.
Value $1.25 (My personal opinion)
Beach Theme........Considering I love the beach, this was right up my alley.
I love it!

Coconut and Mango Fruit Ice.
Can we say "Yummy"
Is all you do is put this in the freezer for about 1 hour and make a drink for yourself using the recipe
that was provided or use your own recipe.
Perfect for a hot summer day!
Value $1.00 (My personal opinion)
Blood Orange Hard Candy
It is good for a quick fix when you need something sweet to eat.
Value $0.25 (My personal opinion)
Pineapple Soy Joy Bar
Not a flavor that I thought I would like, but it is very tasty and slightly sweet but
healthy for you. I truly can see myself buying these as a healthier snack compared to what I eat now.
Value $2.00 (My personal opinion)
Surf Sweets Fruit Bears
"Bears Oh My!"
Well lets just say these are simply DELICIOUS and I can not believe they are
Organic and healthy for you. Wish I had more to eat :-)
Value $1.00 (My personal opinion)


Flavrz Superfruit Water Enhancer
I love water enhancers because it gets very boring just having
plain water all the time. Flavrz is really delicious, healthy & eco-friendly.
Much better then soda and your body will Thank You.
Value $1.30 (My personal opinion)
Pur Gum-- Pomegranate
This is a bit tougher then others gums, I have had in the past, however
this is really good and healthy.
Value $1.50 (My personal opinion)
Do More Bars
Pineapple Coconut
WOW! This is like a Rice Krispie treat party of flavor
in your mouth. Who would have thought of doing something like this with a Rice Krispie Treat.
Simply Delicious!
These are healthier of course compared to a Rice Krispie Treat
"Gluten Free"
Value $2.00
I myself would value this box at $12.80
BOX COST $10.00 Plus 2.00 Shipping
Ahead by .80 in value
Yes! Here is why......
(1) 1 hungry child gets food
(2) You use promo code FBGIFT & pay ONLY S&H $2.00 (short time only offer)
(3) New theme every month, so 1 month might not be good, next month might be Fantastic
(4) Perfect Gift Idea for any age
(5) Subscribe more months (example-3 months) get cheaper rates
(6) Points for doing reviews ='s FREE PRODUCTS that you have had a chance to try out
***HINT*** Google "Promo Codes for Love With Food"
(You might find some good ones monthly)
I hope that you have found my Review helpful and please do try this box now for a limited time
and pay only S&H charges of $2.00