Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Slimsoft VoxBox--Colgate Total

I received this wonderful product from

Slimsoft VoxBox
I was really curious on exactly if Colgate would work compared to Crest Complete that I normally use, so when this opportunity became available, I was very happy to give this a try.
Here is what I got
I was very pleased with the size of the products that were sent to me & they lasted me 1 week, perfect for a good amount of time to test them all out.

The toothbrush was really flimsy and lightweight making it feel a bit cheap and breakable & I did not like that part about the toothbrush. I received soft bristles but would have preferred hard.


The mouthwash left my mouth feeling incredibly fresh and germ free with no burning, thanks to this being alcohol free & this is normally something I look for in a mouthwash.
The end result left my mouth feeling cleaner then my usual brand "Crest Complete" but I feel because of the soft bristles on the tooth brush, my teeth are not as clean as I would have liked them. However if I had hard bristles, I feel this would have been much better results.
I would recommend this product to anyone!

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