Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care
I received this sample kit from Crowdtap & was honored to test this product out.
I sadly have to admit, I usually do not use flushable cleaning cloths all the time, but sometimes bathroom habits just call for them. I then seen this video and it made a lot of sense & changed my mind, I hope it changes your mind too.
I have talked to a 2 people and also showed them this video, talked about bathroom habits (Not easy to get personal regardless how close you are to the person) & then shared the sample & share kits & asked for feedback in return.

Now with these Sample & Share Kits, they also got a coupon for $3.00 off when they bought Cottonelle Toilet Paper & Flushable Wipes together. My friends appreciated the coupons a lot.
((Friend 1)) I do not ever use flushable cleaning cloths, I use toilet paper knowing my behind is clean, however the video changed my mind & I was honestly disgusted with myself. I tried the toilet paper and then afterword's used the flushable cleaning cloths & was amazed at what was not cleaned & then I was disgusted again thinking about all the time I never used flushable cleaning cloths. Thank You for opening my eyes to my disgusting bathroom habits.
((Friend 2)) I saw the video and was amazed at the creativity but agreed with it & I do use flushable cleaning cloths during my bathroom habits but they are cheap Wal-Mart brand, nothing name brand. They are thin and not very comfortable, so I was happy to have been picked by you to test these out. I can not believe that it honestly felt like I was wiping my bum with a piece of satin. I went right out and bought these the next day. Thanks for looking out for my bum friend!
My Kit Looked Like This

I have to agree with both friends for these reasons alone
(1) I usually do not use a lot of wipes bcause I used Toilet Paper, my bum is clean right? WRONG
(2) Silk on my bum is Ohhhhh so soft & cleaned very well & never split on me like some cheap ones do.
(3) Love the convenient container that the wipes come in & do not have to be embarrassed with displaying this out in the open in the bathroom.
(4) Great Quality
I truly enjoyed this Testing Phase & can not wait for the next one.
I hope you have enjoyed My Review & are thinking twice about your bathroom habits.