Saturday, November 9, 2013


 I was really happy when I got into my e-mail and received one from asking me to give one of the boxes they offer a try for FREE. I immediately went and signed up with the promo code they gave me to use for my first FREE BOX.
I was very excited with the well put together website has for you to pick your likes and dislikes for foods. This helps them narrow down what they will send you, resulting in a happier you when you get your box. They have so many choices to choose from & they even offer chocolate mixes with some of the nuts. I of course LOVE chocolate so that was a MUST have for my likings.
Some like a healthier choice when choosing boxes & will not fail you. They have a very large variety that will get you exactly what you are looking for when it comes to being healthy. also offers many features on their website & I have to say, it is very helpful and beneficial information to take a look at. My favorite part to look at is "Healthy Benefits" that explains what all the products have from Fiber, Fruit, Calories and more. I suggest taking a look at this section.
Here is what my box looked like
They want you to turn box over so you are opening it the correct way, but if you have a oopsie, no worries because all the contents are all sealed.
I love that the box is all 100% recyclable!
I really enjoyed this beautiful all natural image on the inside of the lid. A little DIY Tip
"Save this & frame it" serves as a bonus to this package.
This was a nice Welcome Letter along with information on how to Refer Friends to Join & the benefits of referrals.
Included are all the Nutritional Facts as well as Best If Used By Dates. This is the first Subscription Box I have ever had, that has went into such great details. I feel this is exceptional and truly shows that this company cares about YOU.
Look how neatly these snacks are secured in the box & sealed individually to make sure they are fresh and ready for you to enjoy.
Salsa Fresca
Cilantro + Lime Salsa Fresca W/ Cheesy Sombreros
The salsa was very sweet and packed with flavor then the delicious savory taste of the sombreros
it was truly a party in my mouth. These were really delicious and left me wanting more.
Best part is, this was only 50 calories & was a really nice snack. 
Apple Crumble
Apple, Raisins & Cinnamon Honey Almonds
I only ate half of this combination & I did not want to stop because this combination
is crazy good. I used the other half that I did not eat on a Recipe I got from Pinterest & you can find that recipe HERE. It was Rock On Good!
Remember to look at the pamphlet that was included for the Best If Used By Date.
Honeycomb CRUNCH
Milk Chocolate Honeycomb, Almonds and Raisins
Not only was this treat packed with vitamins & minerals, you could not resist the
salty sweet combination that this allowed the taste buds to have in your mouth.
Not easy to stop eating after the first taste. These would also be excellent in a recipe for anything sweet such as a cookie.
Delicious Party In My Mouth Treat!
Roasted Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds W/Soy Sauce
This was really good by itself but I added it into my plain oatmeal with a little drizzle of honey
and it was the best breakfast I have had in a long time. I really was not sure how well that combination would work out, but was very pleasantly surprised and the added flavor it gave the oatmeal along with the drizzle of honey.
This package was high in vitamin E & pumpkin seeds bursting with magnesium & copper PLUS it was a Nutritionist Pick.
Nibble Box = +90 Variety's to choose from
Light Box= +50 Low Calorie Snacking Options to choose from
Are you a
Occasional Grazer ? With this option you get a box every 4 weeks
Are you a
Tasting Club? With this option you get a box every 2 weeks
I myself go for the Tasting Club because this suits me really well & with the Holidays right around the corner, these will come in handy to let my Family/Friends try so I can let them know where and how I got my box (when it comes), so they can do the same. Plus I can use some of these in Holiday Recipe's that my Family/Friends will truly enjoy & talk about for years to come.
Food always brings people together & I think is the best way to start the Holidays.
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$6.00  for the box plus it includes FREE S&H
No matter what option you choose, this is what you pay
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I truly hope that everyone will give this box a try & remember, you have nothing to loose but will gain a nutritional snack that you are sure to remember.
THANK YOU for allowing me to try & get hooked on this simply delicious box & I am looking forward to my next one here in a week.
 **************************UPDATE************** has kindly e-mailed me & provided my blog readers with a code that will give you INSTANT access, this means no waiting for a Invitation Code.
                                             THIS IS EXCITING!!!!!
Please use VRSSNACKS

Thanks so much for this Fantastic Treat for all my Readers!