Friday, May 2, 2014

Herbal Essences #TheHerbalistas #crowdtap

  Herbal Essences Body Wash

I recieved my Sample Share #free from #crowdtap 
This review is my own opinion

I do not use anything by Herbal Essences Line, so I was excited to try it & see why so many choose this brand. I expected something amazing from the smell to the way it cleaned and made my skin feel. I always see the bottles on the store shelf & they practically jump right out at you with all the pretty colors & I do give #TheHerbalistas a BIG THUMBS UP for that.

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When you see the words Sample Share on #crowdtap, you get so excited & hope you can be one of the lucky ones to get in on the Sample Share. However nothing really prepares you for the moment you get a package in the mail that says it is from #crowdtap. It makes me feel like a child on Christmas Day. I already know what is coming, but it is still that Christmas Day excitement.

Hello Hydration is the Sample Share that I received
First thing I did was something I do in the stores all the time & that was to open up the bottle and smell it. I always find myself smelling products like shampoos, laundry soaps, fabric softeners, dryer sheets and more. If it don't smell good, chances of me buying it is very slim. Are you guilty of this too?

I love the testing part, telling my friends/family, sharing coupons, sharing opinions, blogging about my experience & seeing what others think. We all have our own taste in products and that is what makes this world go around. 

I loved the smell of this Body Wash, it had a clean crisp smell to it that not a lot of body washes on the market have. I was however looking for the coconut smell since it is suppose to have coconut extract in the product. Sadly I could not smell it in the bottle or during my shower. If it would have had a coconut smell to it, I think it would have been a much better experience. This was also a complaint from my household family members too. We all love the smell of coconut, so this was a thumbs down moment.

This does suds up really nice in the shower, I feel my body was very clean & it left me with silky feeling skin. Hello Hydration is a wonderful product that I think everyone should try once & I know Herbal Essences often have coupons in the papers and online, so look for those savings to help with the already low cost. 
($3.00 or less)

Thank You #crowdtap & #TheHerbalistas for this wonderful opportunity to Sample Share! 

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