Sunday, March 16, 2014

Viva Vantage Paper Towels

Viva Vantage

I purchased Viva Vantage from Publix Supermarket after seeing all the talk about these being "Stretchy" & Publix had a sale on them for $6.99 plus I had a $1.00 off coupon making them $5.99 + tax.

However, I also got chosen from #TeamVivaVantage on #crowdtap to also test these. Below is images of both store pictures & also my #crowdtap & #TeamVivaVantage pictures.

These were located right next to my normal brand that I buy
"Bounty", but decided to try the NEW Viva Vantage and they were very cheap before the coupon.  I use to buy Viva because they were always very absorbent and soft to touch of the face & my family loved that. However budget first and that is why I changed over to Bounty.

The packaging looked very appealing, price was affordable & words like "Stretch", "Softness" & "Scrubbing Power" got my attention.

I always look for "NEW" products when shopping & most the time I have a coupon in my binder.

"Choose A Size" is always a HUGE advantage in my household for a big mess, small mess or just a small one for wiping my face or hands with. I love that Viva brought "Pick A Size" to the Viva Vantage because it will save money since I will not always have to have a large piece of paper towel for every little thing that I need one for.

Here is what was in my package from #crowdtappers & #TeamVivaVantage

More roll for your money is a BIG plus in my book.

Here is a single sheet that is ideal for a small mess or a messy face after some yummy Hot Wings. You have got to love the Pick A Size idea because it does save from wasting a large sheet on a small mess & in the end it saves on the pocket book.
I really do not feel the softness that Viva has with the originol rolls of paper towels have. When I think of softness, Viva always comes to mind, but this just failed in that area. 

Nice display before sale

Lets talk about the stretch part of the paper towel.
Although I think it is a little stretchy, I expected something a little better then this offered. I barley put any effort into stretching a wet Viva Vantage paper towel before it rips. 
My idea of stretch would be something that required a little more of a harder tug before a wet paper towel ripped. I will show you a video on this as well.

Adsorbing liquid is something that is a must have in my household because we always have spills that need to be cleaned up. Viva Vantage did very well with this test & again I have a video that will show this. It did leave a little bit of water behind, but for the most part, I am impressed at how well it did.

Scrubbing a greasy pan using Viva Vantage was shockingly good. I had no problems with the paper towel tearing or not absorbing the grease from the pan. Very impressed with this part of the test.

Here is the videos that shows how Viva Vantage worked for me on simple tests.

I hope that you have enjoyed my review & I would love to hear your thoughts on Viva Vantage if you have also tried them.

Thank You Crowdtap & Viva Vantage for this Sample Share that I was happy to be chosen for.

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