Friday, April 25, 2014

Purex No Sort for colors

Purex No Sort
for colors

I received this for #free from Purex Insiders

We have all done a load of whites and that one pesky piece of red clothing has snuck it's way into the wash without us noticing. We open up the washer and go to toss the whites in the dryer, but they are not white anymore, instead we have pink everything. 

Husbands everywhere wonder how can something as simple as laundry turn into them having to buy new socks, undies, t-shirts & more? Red happens to every washer in every household at least 1 time. 

Purex has done something about this & this will make laundry so much simpler & keep the accidents away for good. Life in the laundry room just got simple with "Purex no sort for colors".

Simply toss all your clothes into the wash, no sorting, no worries & no more pink clothes. Purex does advise that strongly colored fabrics or new clothes be washed separate at least 5 times before this will work for them. 

The bottle was a bit tricky to open & I have to believe that it was for safety of shipping in order to prevent leaks. The white you see around the top is actually some sort of seal that had to be cut with a knife to open, however it was easy to do.

I could not wait to get a load of my darks, whites and colored clothes into the washer to try the laundry soap out.
Once the laundry was completed, I opened up the lid, they smelled really fresh, looked clean & the best part was, nothing bled onto the whites & I did have a few red items in with this load of laundry. I am very happy with the results & know that I never have to worry about mixing my clothes together again.

I think that Purex no sort for colors is going to change the way households do laundry forever!

Thanks Purex Insiders for this wonderful opportunity!

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