Monday, April 21, 2014

Purex Crystals "Limited Edition" Fabulously Fresh

Purex Crystals
"Limited Edition"
Fabulously Fresh

The cat really loved the smell of this package. Hahaha!

I have used Purex Crystals for almost a year now and they have always made a big improvement in the way my laundry smelled.  It ads that extra boost of freshly clean that last for 2-3 weeks just hanging in the closet.

Who would have ever dreamed that we could just open up our closet,  grab some clothes that we washed 2-3 weeks ago & have them smell as if they just got washed/dryed?
I love that Purex has made that possible for all of us to experience.

My most favorite Purex Crystals is "for baby" because the scent is very calming, relaxing & is also safe on children's sleepwear.  Another one of my favorites is Lavender Blossom that makes me think of my Grandma's Lilac Tree she had along side her house.  So I guess you could say that Purex created some precious memories for me with the Lavender Blossom.

The green color is beautiful & fits the name "Fabulously Fresh".

Let's get to the Newest " Fabulously Fresh" .
When I first opened the package, the colors on the product caught my attention & had I seen this on the shelf at the store, I would have put 1-2 in my cart just because the packaging was appealing & then adding words like Purex and Fabulously Fresh, would have sold me.
Now when I opened this up and smelled it, I was very much in love & it took me back to the days where I washed my clothes & hung them up outside on a clothes line where they had that crisp fresh smell with a bonus of a floral scent.

I added a cap full (large load)to my laundry along with using Purex laundry soap & washed the clothes. I went back to the laundry room & when opening the door, I could already smell the crystals did the job. Opening up the lid to the washer was so wonderful & as I held the clothes to my nose, it was just like I said about clothes line days along with a floral scent. 

After drying my clothes & letting them hang in the closet for a week, I went back to check on them & no surprise that Purex yet again has made another wonderful product that will let my clothes smell clean and fresh for 2-3 weeks later.

This is now my favorite scent and fresh baby will be the 2nd favorite & then my 3rd is lavender blossom. I just can not wait to see what Purex comes out with next for the Crystals Line & I am excited to see what it will be.
Suggestions to Purex would be to please make something with Vanilla & cherry blossom or apple blossom. I think the combination would be simply divine.

Thanks to Purex Insiders for this Product Testing!

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