Thursday, April 24, 2014

Freshmatic Ultra

Freshmatic Ultra
Automatic Sprayer

I tested this product from Expo for #free

I was very excited to get this test product because I have a older Air Wick Freshmatic that still is actually working, however it is 2 years old and bulky.

With this unit, I also received Cinnabon for the unit & I was really excited about this smell & looking forward to my home smelling like it does when you walk into a business that sells Cinnabons.

Unit is very nice, sleek, lightweight, color is simple white that goes with anything, modern look & extremely quiet when it goes off. I love that it still has 3 fragrance settings, only takes 2 AA batteries & you can get a huge variety of fragrances at a place like Walmart/Publix/Target & I also shop for fragrances on Amazon for the hard to find seasonal ones. 

1 thing I do not like about the unit, it is very hard to open & I can see this being a big problem for many people. Once you do have it open, the batteries are easy to put in or replace, fragrance fits in real snug & it is easy to close.
You can only use Air Wick Fragrances in this unit

Fragrance was nothing like I had expected & I was blown away at the fragrance. It was very strong and over powering to me and my family. The cinnamon is the scent that comes through over powering & if you have any sort of sensitivity to smells or have a breathing problem, I would advise you to NOT purchase this scent. I actually gave this scent away & also Air Wick contacted my by E-mail after seeing my video on Expo. Air Wick scent me coupons to get another fragrance of my choice & I felt very respected about my opinion considering I paid nothing for this product as it was sent to me for #free as a test product. 

I now have a huge respect for Air Wick (Reckitt Benckiser)for caring enough to make things right when they did not have to do anything at all for me. 

Thank You Expo & Airwick for this wonderful opportunity!

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