Saturday, April 26, 2014

Starbucks Veranda Blend Blonde

Veranda Blend

#GotItFree from BzzAgent
Opinions formed are my own

I love the light roasted coffees over the dark roasted & was excited to get in on this campaign & could not wait to try it.

I made a cup of coffee and was disappointed right away with the bland flavor it offered. The flavor had nothing special to it and was actually a little on the bitter side. 

 At this point, I could not stand to drink it & thought maybe it was just a bad K-cup. I grabbed another coffee cup, a new K-cup and brewed again with the same disappointing results. It is missing something that makes this different and delicious. 

At this point, I am going to try to doctor it up, so here comes the fun part. I put in a Hershey's chocolate caramel creamer, Publix half & half, So delicious Dairy Free cococcino coconut milk iced coffee latte, Torani classic caramel syrup & topped it with Publix whipped topping. This helped out a lot & did make it drinkable for me but not something I would drink again. 

This flavor was just not for me!

Thanks BzzAgent & Starbucks for this wonderful opportunity!